Blue Lupin

A collaborative creative project led by singer-songwriter Joanna Wolfe, Blue Lupin has paradoxically extended its ethos to include influences as far and reaching as Radiohead, Big Thief, The Japanese House, My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins and Warpaint, as well as films and TV such as Cinema Paradiso and Twin Peaks.

Equally at home crafting honest, thoughtful shoegazy grunge or atmospheric, reverb-drenched, ethereal dreampop, Blue Lupin is enigmatic but only in challenging the norms of identity within music. Songs of loss but also longing; anger but also joy; and being young but getting old are artfully crafted around neat lyrical constructs and then lovingly twined together by an almost compulsive need for the music to fit the lyrics like a 3D jigsaw. Blue Lupin is not a musical contradiction but an emotional cocktail of growing up an ordinary person in extraordinary times.

Joanna’s early demos found their way across the Atlantic to producer Owen Lewis (Old Sea Brigade, Maddie Medley, Luke Sital-Singh), who previously worked on the soundtracks of True Detective and Nashville.

The resultant debut Blue Lupin EP is an enticing mix of subtle guitars and piano, all deftly garnished with cinematic soundscapes, ultra-pop sensibilities and blissed-out paranoia, creating an utterly modern mix of lilting anxiety and creative self-confidence.