Cape Cub

“Cape Cub’s unique brand of dream-pop has seen millions of streams descend upon his music, and as 2018 continues, so does Cape Cub’s inevitable continuation of his ascendancy to the top”tmrw

“Don’t be surprised when Cape Cub joins the ranks of Radio 1’s favourite UK indie singer-songwriters” – themostradicalist

“His talent shines so brightly that it should be pretty clear that there are some big things in store for him” – The 405

“The North East newcomer is on course for the mainstream thanks to the intelligent accessibility of his songcraft” – The Line Of Best Fit

“Very accomplished pop songwriting… overwhelmingly anthemic and uplifting (we can very easily hear 100,000 odd festival go’ers chanting back at the top of their lungs)” – Blah Blah Blah Science

“Cape Cub’s stocks are rising fast — it would be a very wise option to buy in now…” – Best Before

“We’re ridiculously excited about what else he’s got cooking” – When the Gramophone Rings

“Quietly euphoric in a neat, uplifting, and highly melodic manner. Tune in now.”Clash

With a sound that will melt people’s hearts, UK’s Cape Cub has a chance to be a star” – Revue

Hailing from the shores of the picturesque North East coast, Cape Cub is the project of award-winning UK based songwriter and producer Chad Male. The musician generated a tidal wave of online attention in 2015 with his song ‘Swim’, which found its way to the top of the Hype Machine chart and gained national airplay via BBC Radio 1.

Recorded in his mum’s loft, the track inhibits a haze of atmosphere and had tastemakers across the globe drawing comparisons to the likes of London Grammar, Coldplay and Aquilo.

In 2016, Cape Cub self-released the ‘Closer’ and ‘6am’ EPs as an introduction to his heartfelt and grippingly spacious sound, gaining millions of plays on Spotify and extensive support from Apple Music, before retreating back into his studio to carve his way forward.

Where the ‘Closer’ EP drew upon Chad’s attachment to the stunning landscape and industrial decline around his home in the remote coastal village Marske-by-the-Sea, ‘6am’ absorbed more human themes: growing up and moving on, fighting the loss of youthful optimism, pursuing long-term ambitions, all whilst trying to maintain vital friendships and family ties.

Cape Cub recently returned with new single Flowers, the first in a trio of singles with LAB Records, and had to say this:

“In 2017, I’ve gone through some of the best and some of the most painful experiences of my life. The making of this new music and the writing of these words has been hugely cathartic, and that’s exactly what Flowers is to me. It embodies a complete release of emotion.”

“In these next few Cape Cub singles, starting with Flowers, I guess I’m exploring the highs and lows of what it means to be a person today in this crazy world we live in, and thinking about what it means to exist. These songs are my diary entries about stumbling and traversing life without a guidebook or a how-to… because at times I’ve been crying out to find one”

With a renewed focus, Cape Cub road-tested a new set and a new improved live line-up in autumn 2017 at Twisterella Festival and BBC Amplify, as well as intimate sold-out shows in Leeds and Newcastle, before finishing the year with a euphoric headline show at The Georgian Theatre in Stockton.

After signing a synch agreement with Lava Records in LA, 2018 kicked into gear with ‘Keep Me In Mind‘ featuring on ABC’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘:

The best is yet to come.

Cape Cub by Beth McConnell